Trade Evalution Kit

The Enistic Trade Evaluation Kit enables partners to provide clients with a before and after snapshot of energy usage, whilst helping them understand their energy use on a site as part of a wider energy review. 

  • 1 x BBSP-SM16C 16 Channel Smart Meter
  • 6 x BBSP-CT30C Current sensor (32A, 2.5m cable)
  • 3 x BBSP-CT100 Current sensor (100A)
  • 1 x BBSP-SUB3 Smart-Meter, DIN mount,100A
  • 1 x BBSP-SS5 Energy Saving Smart Socket 5 Way
  • 1 x BBSP-SECL Smart Energy Controller Lite
  • 1 x EN-CR100 Energy Manager Online, (100 credits bulk pack)
Order Codes: EN-TEP

Why not tryout the Enistic sale or return Trade Evaluation Kit? You can tryout the kit for a month at your own premises and find the benefits of using an Enistic energy monitoring system to sell and up-sell your products to your clients.

You can use Enistic energy monitoring solutions at the first stage of a project to up sell your offering, during a project or even at the end to justify a project.  After using the Enistic monitoring solution you can measure your customers real energy data to find and justify energy reduction projects. You can show your customers results to highlight what is consuming, how much, and when.

Application & Features

Typically our customers use the kit to: 
  • Understand the energy use on a site in detail as part of a wider energy review. 
  • Perform “before and after” analysis when installing new equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of sites to keep an eye on the energy use of key customers.