Smart Metering Switches & Sensors

Our wide selection of smart metering switches and sensors ensure maximum energy savings. The range includes light and motion sensors, wall switches and powerdown strips. 
  • Manufactured to comply with IEC standards 
  • Compatible with all Enistic Software and Smart Meters
  • Remotely control your devices
  • Simple to install 
  • Wireless operation
  • Low power operation

Smart Switch, DIN Mount

A real-time smart meter and switch built into a DIN mountable casing.

Smart Switch, Back box

A real-time smart meter and remotely switchable unit built into a small case to allow mounting in walls, ceilings, etc.

Wall Switches

A wall switch that simply sticks onto surfaces, such as office or partition walls, and can be used to over-ride the Energy Solution Energy Management System and provide local control of Energy Solution Smart Sockets.

AirCon Energy Saver

Featuring a high sensuality 360 degree dual element motion sensor, the AirCon Energy Saver automatically and wirelessly powers off air-conditioning units.

Light Sensors

This battery powered digital light sensor is designed for general office, residential and light industrial use.

temperature and Humidity Sensore

A battery powered digital thermometer that measures the temperature and humidity of rooms, fridges, chillers etc

Motion Sensor

The Enistic Motion Sensor is a battery powered passive infrared (“PIR”) sensor.