Solid Core Current Clamps

A range of Solid Core Current Clamps that work exclusively with our SUB3-AC1 Smart Meter. 
Order Codes: BBSP-CFA

The Solid Core Current Clamps are designed for the measurement of current in mains cables in home, office or industrial environments.

Ideally suited to installations in new build properties and new wiring. Manufactured to be used in permanent installations and can also be fastened on to rails.

The clamps are tuned and calibrated to work with the Enistic BBSP-SUB3-AC1 high-accuracy meter only.

Application & Features

A range of current clamps, from 30A to 3000A.
  • High Accuracy - 0.5% accuracy range
  • For exclusive use with the BBSP-SUB3-AC1 sub meter
  • Wide range of sizes based on current capability and cable size, from small to large
  • Safety flaps to prevent electric shocks
  • Solid construction for protection against vibration and environmental damage)
  • Sturdy design for permanent installations
  • Voltage independent


  • Primary Current: 5A-3000A
  • Secondary Current: 5A-1A
  • Standard Approval: VDE0414, BS7626, IEC60044-1, GB1208-2006
  • Maximum Voltage: 0.72/3KV
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated Load: 2.5VA, 5VA, 10VA, 15VA
  • Class: 0.5, 1.0
  • Short term thermal current: lth=60xlh
  • Rated security coefficient: FS<5