Smart Pulse Counter

The Smart Pulse Counter is a flexible interface that can be used to link meters to the Enistic energy management system:
  • Suitable for use with gas, water or electricity meters
  • Wide input tolerance
  • IP66 rated
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Flexible software allows many different input calibration options. 
Order Codes: BBSP-PM

The Enistic Smart Pulse Counter is a flexible interface that links water, gas or electricity meters into the Enistic Energy Management system. With a wide variety of input options, the counter is designed to give a 0.01% accurate feed of meter values into the software system.

It communicates these values wirelessly, using ZigBee Pro, to Enistic's Energy Manager Online software, which allows simple calibration for a range of interpretations of the pulse, such as whether it is gas, water or electrical, and the meaning and value of each pulse.

Application & Features

A flexible interface that links gas, water or electricity meters into the Enistic Energy Management system.
  • Counts and reports a wide variety of pulses
  • Suitable as an interface to electricity, water and gas meters
  • Self-calibrating pulse detection
  • Flexible pulse shape and hi/lo level
  • IP66 for interior or exterior use
  • Can be interfaced to a wide variety of equipment
  • Software allows interpretation of a wide range of different pulse meanings
  • Encrypted communications for secure operation
  • Mesh networking for excellent range
  • Unique serial number embedded in each device for identification on network


Application Areas:
  • Gas, water and electricity meter interface
  • Data logging and remote data logging
  • Home and office energy management
  • Size (l x w x h): 132 x 120 x 38 mm
  • Fitting: wall mount
  • Weight: 512g
  • Environmental protection: IP66, suitable for indoor or exterior use
  • Storage (min -> max): -20 to +50°C
  • Storage (min -> max): 0 -> 60 % rel. humidity
  • Operation (min -> max): -50 to +125°C
  • Operation (min -> max): 0 -> 60 % rel. humidity
Miscellaneous Standards
  • Standards: CE, EMF, LVD, WEE, ROHS
  • Country of design and manufacture: UK
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • This unit should be fitted by qualified electricians only
  • Power supply: 5V, 300mA, Regulated
  • Power supply connection: screw connections on PCB
  • Power consumption (standby / typical / max): 0.1 / 0.1 / 0.11 W
  • Battery option: n/a
Measurements and Detection
  • Maximum pulse frequency: 20Hz
  • Pulse detection type: Dry contact / volt free between +VE and -VE
  • +VE connection: +3.3V stabilised supply, short circuit protected, 10mA max.
  • -VE connection: Pulse input, -1.8 to 3.3V
  • Ground connection/Earth: not required
  • Minimum pulse width: 10 milliseconds
  • Maximum pulse width: 3599 seconds
  • Pulse trigger: 10% increase above average voltage on -VE connection
  • Pulse release: 10% decrease below pulse peak voltage on -VE connection
  • Maximum number of pulses recordable: 4,294,967,296
  • Pulses retained between power cycles: Yes (EEPROM)
Wireless Communications
  • Standard: 802.15.4 / Zigbee Pro
  • Does not interfere with WiFi networks
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Maximum range between mesh nodes: 32m
  • Maximum nodes per network: >1,000,000 nodes
  • Encryption: 128 bit AES secure encrypted communications