Smart Metering System Components

Build a Bespoke smart metering and energy management system for your business



Our selection of Energy Controllers are the master controller for the whole of the Energy Solution Energy Management System. 

Fiscal Smart Meters

Energy Solution smart meters are high-accuracy, retro-fit, easy install fiscal smart meters suitable for a wide range of energy monitoring and targeting purposes. 

MID Approved Meters

A range of MID approved meters suitable for a variety of applications.

Distribution Board Smart Meters

Our distribution board smart meters are designed to work with our retro fit, easy install Current Sensor Clamps.

Smart Pulse Meters

Our range of pulse meters measure water, electricity and gas.  They can be used with the rest of the Energy Solution range and ensure maximum energy savings are made across all utilities

Plug-in Smart Meters

Energy Solution plug-in smart meters measure energy consumed by attached devices in real-time.

Switches and Sensors

Our wide selection of switches and sensors include Light and Motion sensors, Wall Switches and Powerdown Strips.

Current Clamps

Current Clamps ensure maximum energy savings and are suitable for use with all other Energy Solution equipment.