Smart Energy Controller Lite

A master controller for the Enistic system that communicates with Enistic smart meters and sends the information via a network connection to Enistic's Energy Manager reporting system.
Order Codes: BBSP-SECL8

The Enistic Smart Energy Controller Lite acts as a master interface between the Enistic Energy Manager reporting system and other Enistic products. Simply plug the controller into your internal network, i.e. into a data point, router or hub and this will act as a bridge between the Enistic system and the Enistic Energy Manager.

Enistic's meshing system allows each module to communicate with every other module in order to maximise range and reliability. Therefore  only one controller is required for full coverage so long as every modules are within a 30m range of each other.

The controller sends information to Enistic Energy Manager via TCP/IP. As such, this controller can be mounted remotely, reporting the information back to a centrally-maintained server if required. This enables use in monitoring many installations using one central copy of the Energy Manager.

Application & Features

  • This "Lite" controller for the Enistic system acts as the primary interface that communicates with all of the other Enistic products. 
  • Acts as the interface between Enistic products and Enistic software
  • Can handle up to 50 concurrent connections from smart sockets, smart meters, switches, etc
  • Ultra-long range (mesh networking gives full coverage of an office or home with just one controller)
  • Plug-and-play interface to the Enistic Energy Manager Desktop and Energy Manager Online system

System Features