Light Pulse Detector

The LPD (Light Pulse Detector) is an optical probe which is used to detect electric energy pulses for power monitoring devices whilst acting as an interface with existing meters. 
Order Codes: BBSP-LPD

The Enistic LPD detects electric energy pulses for power monitoring and accuracy testing. 

Designed for general office, residential and light industrial use, the LPD can be used with any existing meter. The probe can be easily stuck on to the front surface of any kind of static meters. Positive pulses output in TTL, synchronized with the LED light pulses of energy meter.

Application & Features

This versatile LPD can monitor any existing static meter, single phase or polyphase meters. 
  • Easily attach to any meter with easy-stick strips.
  • Provided light shield to prevent the sensor from sun-light disturbance.
  • Fully re-usable.


Measurements & Metrology
  • Pulse Output: TTL synchronized with the LED light pulses of energy meter.
  • Sensing Spectrum: IR to Light
  • Indicator: LED light at the top which synchronises with the pulses
  • Suitable for: all types of static meters, single-phase or polyphase meters.
  • Light shield attached
  • Power supply: None
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Weight: 370g
Miscellaneous and Standards
  • Standards: CE, EMF, LVD, WEE, ROHS
  • Country of design and manufacture: UK
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • This unit should be fitted by qualified electricians only