Why Energy Solution

A powerful Energy Management Solution for business

Energy Solution's energy monitoring and targeting services, energy manager software and smart metering technology provide a real time, flexible and customisable energy management solution to enable businesses to operate and manage facilities at a lower energy cost.  

Guaranteed to save your business energy, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions, the Energy Solution range of highly accurate smart meters gathers energy consumption data in real-time.  Our cloud based portal delivers dashboard visualisation, monitoring, and reporting.  Easy to install, easy to extend - an Energy Solution solution is fully scaleable - from as little as one metering point - and provides unparalleled visibility from distribution board to circuit to socket.  Energy Solution can significantly reduce your resource consumption; reducing your environmental impact and your utility bills. The Energy Solution Energy Manager solution measures all energy consumed including water and gas - it also covers micro-generation projects such as wind and solar PV.

Step-1 Measure

With a range of sophisticated but simple retro-fit devices we capture continuous data at source - electricity, gas and water - at circuit and appliance level if required.

Step-2 Monitor

With real time data capture, energy use data is stored and analysed in our cloud based portal.  The Energy Solution Energy Manager portal is your single resource for gathering energy data across all utilities, aggregating information from all sensors and meters. These may be managed by country, building or site and down to individual circuits and appliances. 

Step-3 Manage

The analysis is presented to you via your own dedicated portal giving you unparalleled ability to view your usage over time and see exactly where your money is being spent. Using sophisticated reporting tools you can break down usage to individual devices and over specified time periods. 


Energy Solution Energy Manager is much more than data logging - it is a sophisticated suite of products and services that will save your business money and reduce your environmental impact:
  • Customisable Dashboard  - a simple, configurable dashboard provides current and historic energy use visualisation, analysing usage to a granularity of one minute.
  • Microgeneration - where energy is locally generated through microgeneration projects such as photovoltaic (PV) or wind, the amount and value of the energy being generated can be tracked against  consumption to show real-time cost reduction.
  • Energy Solution Energy Manager works in multiple currencies and time zones, providing you with fully-tailored analysis.
  • Alerts -  a customisable set of alerts warn you instantly of unusual activity or high usage.
  • Analysis Tools and Management Reports make presenting your data simple - instantly identifying where savings may be made with supporting evidence.