Energy Manager Software

Energy software to save energy, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions by an average of 38%

Measure, monitor and manage your energy - our range of powerful energy saving and energy management software works with Energy Solution smart meters to create an effective end-to-end energy management system for SMEs.  For many businesses the challenge today is not just simply getting hold of energy data but being able to use it effectively - Energy Solution's Energy Manager software transforms data into information through its flexible and customisable reporting and analysis.

  • Dashboard visualisation, monitoring, analytics and reporting
  • Measures electricity, gas and water - display energy use, costs and carbon
  • Renewables - track micro-generation vs consumption
  • Active Energy Management and Automation - with remote switching from smart phone or tablet - our email alerts inform you of unusual activity

Sophisticated energy management software with powerful analysis functions:

Need to measure renewables generation?

  • Solar, wind, biomass displays
  • Track generation vs consumption
  • Understand best time to switch on appliances to maximise investment in renewables
  • Automatically track return on investment


Tenant Billing made easy

  • Produce invoices for multiple occupiers at end of the month.
  • Run monthly reports showing who used what during the month.
  • Email tenants automatically with customised invoices.
  • Install a European MID compliant tenant billing system.

Measure energy use before & after energy saving intervation

  • Delivers a ‘snapshot’ of energy use around an intervention
  • Provides measurement and verification (M&V) of the effectiveness of any energy saving project

Visualise energy use with customized dashboards

  • Create your own bespoke dashboards by dragging and dropping images, icons and logos onto your own dashboard area
  • Upload images of your office or floorplan
  • Add, rearrange and categorise devices
  • Brand and add customer specific features
  • Maximise visualisation of energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions

At a Glance visualization of energy use

  • "Thermal" map provides at-a-glance visualisation of energy use
  • "Hot" and "cold" spots are easily identified so that appropriate efficiency measures can be actioned
  • Configure to show data from any time period - click on each portion of the map to break down energy consumption by device.


Analysing, Communicating & Reporting

  • The custom reports facility is an enhanced reporting tool to facilitate and automate energy use reporting.
  • Customisable menu options
  • Pre-set report templates
  • Export to PDF or Microsoft Word for further customisation
  • With quick access to, and display of required information, effective and informed energy monitoring and management becomes easier.

Cloud or Desktop based and suitable for every company size and industry sector - choose the energy software solution for your:

Energy Manager Online

Energy Manager Online is powerful cloud-based energy management software that works in conjunction with the Energy Solution range of energy monitoring products to provide an end-to-end aM&T solution with dashboard visualisation, monitoring and reporting.

Energ Manager Desktop

Energy Manager Desktop software allows easy access to your energy data in graph form, for viewing, analysis and reporting. Energy Manager is powerful energy management software that is the cornerstone of the Energy Solution energy management system.