Energ Management Services Monitoring & Targeting (aM&T)

Energy Solution aM&T energy management service packages are designed for energy consultants and brokers to deploy to their customers as well as being a solution for the end user. Energy Solution energy monitoring and targeting services provide clear, simple energy reporting and analysis.
  • Prove return on investment (ROI) of a product or service offering.
  • Energy management services with no capital investment.
  • Gather accurate data to support measurement and verification (M&V) of an energy saving project.
  • Identify potential energy saving projects.
  • Business model flexibility: offer the option of a monthly fee (opex) in addition to outright purchase (capex).

Before and After Services

This energy monitoring and targeting service enables energy consultants, brokers and traders to deploy the Energy Solution solution to gather sufficient data to produce a “before & after” report. Each report will provide a ‘snapshot’ of energy use and provides measurement and verification (M&V) of the effectiveness of any energy saving project; such as LED lighting or retrofit energy saving installations.

Energy Mapping Services

Used over a 4 week period the Energy Solution Energy Mapping Service provides a diagnostic report on energy usage based on consumption data. Energy consultants, brokers and traders can utilise the solution to gather sufficient data to provide a customer with a detailed overview of their energy usage, typically prior to an intervention.

Subscription Services

This aM&T package is designed to offer a range of bundled services to end users who wish to use the Energy Solution monitoring and targeting solution over a prolonged period of time. Combining hardware, software, tech support and services this subscription model offers three different options; Bronze, Silver and Gold, each one catering to different budgets and needs.