Smart Metering Energy Controllers

A range of high-accuracy, retro-fit, easy install smart meters suitable for residential, commercial and industrial energy monitoring and measurement purposes.

Energy Solution smart meters are a retrofit solution which overlay an existing electrical installation.  The Energy Solution smart meter solution is fully scaleable and extendable: install an initial solution consisting of as little as one incoming plus one metering point.  Extend seamlessly by installing additional metering points.

  • Manufactured to comply with IEC standards 
  • Single phase or three phase operation
  • Microgeneration measurement - for use with Solar PV, wind and Biomass
  • Measures active, reactive and apparent energy as well as power factor
  • Wireless, low power operation

Smart Energy Controller Lite

A master controller for the Energy Solution system.


Introducing our low cost entry-level, multifunctional energy monitor. It's an energy monitor, channel meter, pulse counter and controller all in one!

Smart Energy Controller Lite GPRS

A GPRS version of the master controller for the Energy Solution system.

Range Extender

The Energy Solution Range Extender is a simple device that has an increased power radio system that allows communication over a greater distance than is normal with Energy Solution components