16 Channel Distribution Board Smart Meter

Designed for use in a fuse box, to break down energy usage and monitor individual circuits
  • Gives you a breakdown of your electricity usage - by department.
  • Accurate voltage reference
  • Single phase or three phase (software configurable)
  • Available for self-install or with fully comprehensive installation service
Order Codes: BBSP-SM16C
The Enistic 16 channel semi-fiscal meter is designed for sub-metering and installation within a distribution cabinet (fuse box):
  • Gathers energy consumption in real time.
  • Highlight areas of concern in your energy spend.
  • Monitor and measure energy use and energy saving projects. 
  • Simple to install - simply clip current sensors around the wires you wish to monitor (although we do recommend that this work is carried out by a qualified electrician) and connect to the channel meter.
  • Self-install, or with fully comprehensive installation service.

Application & Features

This 16 Channel Distribution Board Smart Meter is designed to work with our Clamp-On Current Sensors
  • Reports power consumption to the nearest 1W every 10 seconds (per channel) to Enistic Energy Manager
  • Range of different sizes of Current Sensor/Clamps available
  • Encrypted communications for secure operation
  • Mesh networking
  • Unique serial number embedded in each product for easy identification on network


  • This product has 16 channels of measurement which can be individually switched on and off and will require up to 16 subscription licenses if you wish to use it with the Energy Manager system.
  • This product needs no software licenses when used with the desktop version of Energy Manager.
Switching & Electrical
  • Range of current sensors available with 15A to 600A sensing capability per channel
  • Current sensors have clamp-around fitting - no wires need to be cut or disconnected
  • Suitable for clamping around cables of up to 12mm diameter
  • Requires mains power to power supply (supplied)
  • Standby power < 1W (typically 800mW)
Power measurement
  • Reporting interval: 10 seconds (min) per channel to 24 hour reporting. (N.B. Channel 1 reports power, 10 seconds later Channel 2 reports power, 10 seconds later Channel 3 reports power, etc)
  • Reporting interval: 10 seconds to 24 hours
  • Measurement method: current measurement
  • Accuracy (pure resistive): +- 4%
  • Accuracy (pure inductive): +- 15%
Manufacture and design
  • Designed in the UK
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • UK, European and Worldwide Patents Pending
Power supply
  • 75 - 230V, AC
  • Current (min/typical/max): 100mA / 250mA / 400mA
  • Standby power (max) < 1.5W (typically 500mW)
  • Size: 213 x 80 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 300g (excluding sensors)
  • Sensor cable length: 1.5m
  • Power supply cable length: 2m
  • This unit should be fitted by a qualified electrician only
  • Zigbee communication with security code set for use with Enistic systems only
  • Maximum number of products per installation: Unlimited
  • Mesh enabled with mesh repeating
  • Encryption: 128 AES secure encrypted communications
  • Auto discovery enabled
  • 2.4 GHz operation. Does not interfere with WiFi networks
  • Zigbee closed network operation enabled
  • CE certified
  • LVD certified
  • WEE compliant