Current Clamps & Sensors

A range of Current Clamps and Sensors that work alongside the Enistic range
Order Codes: BBSP-CT15

Enistic's range of current clamps and sensors measure current in mains cables in home, office or industrial environments. They are ideally suited for retro-fit installation on incoming mains feeds, distribution boards or on larger industrial equipment.

To fit the sensors, simply open them and then clip the sensor around the wire you wish to measure. There is no need to disconnect the wire you wish to monitor to fit these sensors, meaning that installation time is greatly reduced.

The sensors are tuned and calibrated to work with the Enistic Energy Management range of smart meters and energy monitors.

Application & Features

A range of current sensors, from 15A to 600A.
  • High accuracy, 0.5% - 1.0% nominal
  • For measurement of current in a wide variety of situations
  • Split core design means you do not need to disconnect power source
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate readings up to 3000A
  • Combine 3 clamps together for readings of up to 9000A (2 MW)
  • Voltage independent



Please be aware: Min 1% and max 1% readings indicate the minimum and maximum currents that are guaranteed to give a 1% accurate reading. Currents above or below this figure (but below the absolute minimum rating) will still give readings but the accuracy is not guaranteed to be less than 1%. 

NB If the sensors are used to measure current above the maximum rating then operation and accuracy are not guaranteed.