Intelligent Building Energy Management System (ibems)

Having smarter buildings can save you money.  Building energy management system (BEMS) is a computer-controlled system which controls a building’s energy systems: lighting, heating, and air-conditioning.  By installing building management systems, you can significantly reduce your building's energy consumption.  Energy Solution's BEMS is a mini BMS designed for small facilities, such as offices, retail units and production facilities. 

Monitor: An intelligent building energy management system monitors the environment and energy use within a building.

Control: Managing the energy used in a building means controlling a wide variety of functions, such as distributing and managing levels of lighting, heating and ventilating to suit changing levels of activity within different areas a building throughout the day. Even the power used by computers, printers and photocopiers can be controlled. The level of control is user defined to a very specific degree.

Optimise: Balance energy use with the needs of the building’s occupants.  Minimise wasted energy; save money and reduce carbon.

The system is retrofitable and fully integrated with our popular Energy Manager Online platform.
  • Building Automation System designed to save you energy
  • Automate energy consuming circuits
  • Business rules allow you to control your building intelligently
  • Override switches and local control for fault free operation
  • Simple retro-fit installation